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Urgent School Bulletin Extravaganza Thingy (REQUEST)

Hello people!

Your Livejournal user name:
Date of Episode (if known): ?
Description of Scene: Samantha Bee holding a baby (any scene with her being motherly and holding a baby), and Rob Riggle with his guns (doing whatever, it doesn't matter, just with his guns).
People in scene: Sam Bee in one, Rob Riggle in a separate one.

I'm doing this project for school and I need pictures for it and some of them are VERY hard to find! SO, I need your help (please!)! I need:

+ Sam Bee holding a baby (maybe from that segment where she profiled, I think, single mothers? or maybe adoptions or something?)
+ Rob Riggle with his guns (it doesn't matter if he's typing with them or threatening John O., but with the guns is a requirement)

Please please PLEASE, this project is due tomorrow and I'm having a lotta trouble finding these pictures! Any and all help is appreciated! <3

Love y'all - Mira/Doc/Kat *meow*

Taken care of, thank you! <3

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